Sandy Point disc golf travel poster, hole 22

Disc Golf Course Travel Poster #014

Sandy Point Resort & Disc Golf Ranch

Lac Du Flambeau, Wisconsin

Deep in the heart of northern Wisconsin, lies a pretty sweet and one-of-a-kind disc golf course and resort. Because it’s so pristine and natural, a junked-out car creates quite the juxtaposition. But it’s been in this spot for so long, it’s now a natural part of the landscape. So of course it needed to be depicted in a poster.

The illustration focuses on hole 22 (the car hole), which contains the 1948 Pontiac Silverstreak and random creatures going about their day. By the way, in disc golf, three birdies in a row is considered a Turkey. Get it?

The first-run poster is 18×24 and screen printed in three colors (dark teal, warm red, and light blue) on French 100 lb. hot fudge.