Disc Golf Course Travel Poster #006

Bird’s Ruins at Langer Park / Marshall, Wisconsin

Losing a disc is an all-too-common occurrence among disc golfers. But due to the dynamic duo of one man and his disc-seeking Black Lab, Chance, second chances are possible; albeit with a few teeth marks and a little drool. But that’s a small price to pay to play.

This poster is aptly-titled Second Chances, and is printed in two colors on French Lemon Drop 100 lb cover by our friends at Screen Door Studio.

This composition highlights hole 12 and the abundant Staghorn Sumac growing throughout the course. The branches resemble the horns of a deer, which the bush is named after. Robins, insects, fresh plant buds, and vibrant colors are also clear signs of spring, energy, and the growth to come.


Glide Disc Golf
4222 Milwaukee St., Madison, WI